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Keynote and resilience speaker

I speak at events for everyone, regardless of age, to empower and inspire them to live their best life. 

I’m not your typical motivational speaker

In fact, I don’t think of myself as a motivational speaker at all. I just like telling real stories about my life, the way I see the world, and how I’ve overcome challenges.


Let’s be real: being in a wheelchair doesn’t give me any magical qualities that you don’t have. But it does give me a unique perspective on life.

As a keynote and resilience speaker, there are lots of topics I can cover – either in small groups, interactive workshops, or speaking to a large audience.


The best bit? I’ll tailor my talk for your audience so you’re assured of the most relevant and powerful event. 

Why me?

I’ve met and worked with hundreds of people who get overwhelmed and struggle to cope. It doesn’t matter if they’re straight-A students, star athletes or come from a loving and nurturing home.


Mental health challenges don’t discriminate, and adults can be impacted just as much as children and adolescents, if not more so.

I have 15 years of hands-on experience helping kids and parents navigate life’s challenges, plus 35 years building an amazing life for myself. And I know how important mindset is. 


It is so important to know that you can look at challenges as opportunities to learn something new and not as a paralysing events that you’re powerless to deal with.


You can take control over how you react to situations, and how you see the world. 

Topics covered


Identity and belonging



Building confidence

Celebrating differences 


Body image

Challenging stigma & stereotypes

The importance of vulnerability

Road safety 

Driver fatigue

No matter the topic you choose, I’ll tell stories that will make you laugh till your belly hurts, cry, challenge your perceptions about difference, and maybe even shake your head in disbelief at how I have navigated through some very ‘interesting’ situations.

Sound good?

“Estee’s message is powerful, exposing her audience to the reality of life after surviving such a tragic event, and the challenges she now faces as a wheelchair user. The audience was engaged from start to finish, and then encouraged to ask questions freely at the end. I believe the presentation is invaluable and will undoubtedly improve the audiences’ future driver attitude and road behaviour.”


Sharon McAnulty, Senior Constable, CPIU Wynnum Police Station

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