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I'm an inclusion advocate
- I tell real life stories that help people see life from another perspective

Hi, I’m Estée, but you can call me Tae.


I’m a Brisbane-based high school teacher and I love my job, however, I am just as passionate about helping people build their confidence and resilience, and embrace every bit of their lives.


Yep, even the gritty, tough and sad parts.

As an inclusion advocate, I’m raw, funny, straight-talking, and direct. I’m not going to suggest we deny the hard parts of life. But we can change our mindset to build resilience and a sense of belonging – and learn to accept the things we can’t change.

I’m not afraid to tackle the hard topics and challenge your thinking. Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I’m in a wheelchair!


Real talk about resilience, inclusion and disability.

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t define me. It’s how I get around, it’s not who I am. 


I’ve met people who don’t see it the same way. They see the things I can’t do, not what I can.


But I take a different approach. I see a life full of possibilities, not limits. My passion is educating others to see that they can adopt this mindset and outlook on their lives too – whether they have mobility issues, struggle with their confidence and self worth, or are grappling with their identity and where they fit into this world.  

Smashing stigma and stereotypes

My teaching gives me the chance to connect with students, push against stereotypes, and work with parents to see the best in their children. To see their potential, not what’s holding them back.

I can do this on a much larger scale with people from all walks of life. By speaking and running workshops, I help young kids, teens and adults of all ages build vital skills, like how to shift mindset, boost resilience, and embrace and accept life. 

Remove the limits you place on yourself

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. But I can share the ways I’ve dealt with my own triumphs and failures, and the unexpected directions life can take. 

I teach people how it’s possible to make intentional, deliberate choices in how you think. I’ll help you embrace life so you can find the good. By identifying the limits or expectations you place on yourself, you can start to push back on them.


Together, we’ll tune into the bright and sparkly parts of your world, that prove there’s a great life out there. But it’s up to all of us to grab it. 


“Estee has the unique ability to connect and communicate with people at all levels. She is authentic and compassionate as well as well informed and knowledgeable. I have found her approachable with a clear understanding of people and their behaviour.


Tae has a wonderful way of connecting with people and as a result they quickly feel a level of comfort in her presence. She is forthright and measured and demonstrates incredible resilience in everything she does.”
Kay Harvey, Professional Colleague and Mentor

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