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Private consultations

Kids or adults of any age who need someone to talk to

Do you or your child feel unsettled, overwhelmed, or unvalued, and need support to build confidence, resilience and a positive mindset?

I’m not a social worker or psychologist. But I do have postgraduate qualifications in special needs and have worked directly with kids and parents every day for 15 years.


And, on a personal note, I’ve experienced many emotional, mental and physical struggles. I’ve had to adjust my mindset to work through these challenges, and I bring that real-life experience to connect with kids and adults who are struggling. 

Whatever you’re going through, I can help you develop a toolbox of practical strategies to challenge that inner critic and build resilience and confidence.


We’ll also explore ways to accept what you can’t control, so you’re better able to deal with unpredictable events.


You got this, let me show you how!


Private consultations 


Kids or adults of any age who need someone to talk to and help them to see what’s possible


1:1 sessions (6 recommended)


Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast


60 minutes


Resilience, mindset, overcoming challenges, bullying, body image, identity and belonging, acceptance, inclusion

"It took one session with Estee for my 25 year old son to snap out of his gloom. Life in a wheelchair was proving too much and he had reached tipping point. Estee’s straight talking, no nonsense approach was like no other therapist. Her booming positivity and her strong message of taking responsibility for self, resonated with him.


I wholeheartedly recommend Estee to those seeking a positive change in their lives. 


Estee provided a service to my son like no other therapist. Her professional, straight talking, honest approach resulted in my son embracing  and acting on Estee’s suggested strategies.  He was able to set a goal and move forward towards it. 


What sets Estee apart from others is her lived experience. She shows empathy, she talks empathy but illuminates a path out of being defined by disability. Estee exemplifies the idea that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it.


Estee is our therapist of choice thoroughly recommend Estee to those seeking solutions where other options have failed.”

Heather, parent - 2022

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