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Who the heck is Tae and What the heck is this blog about?

With every new blog or website, comes the obligatory introduction post – so here it is.

My name is Tae, and I’m a teacher, divorcee, foodie, and top-tier Erica Cramer fangirl (among other things). I’m also a wheelchair user, which spices things up a bit. So, as I’m sure you can ‘assume’, the first forty plus years of my life have been a little bit of a rollercoaster – but hey, it’s all lead me here, to a life I love.

At five years old, my family’s car was struck by another while we were parked on the side of the road. This horrific accident took my fathers life is also the reason I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was six years old. From primary school to university, and for the rest of my life, my chair has been and will always be with me. While this has been my reality for as long as I can remember, I’ve never been one to let it hold me back or make me think that there are things that I cannot do, if just think about it the right way.

Mum always said that I’m a glass-half-full type of person, but to me, there is no real choice because half empty is just booorrrriiiinnnggg. While yes, I’ve had my fair share of sadness, trauma, grief, and anger, among other things – it hasn’t destroyed me. The most amazing experiences and opportunities have and do come into my life, and despite the trauma, the heartache, the assumptions and the fear I always acknowledge and know how fortunate I really am.

Someone once asked me what my purpose was, and honestly, I had to really think hard about it. But if the last few years of my life have shown me anything, it’s that my purpose is to make people happy, help people find their own version of happiness, no matter their situation in life, and realise that they are in control.

I’ve always been really motivated by wanting to get everything I can out of life. Yeah, it’s a bit selfish, but I just want to experience everything and pack my years full of fun and adventure. The whole reason I decided to start this blog was to let you have a sneak peak of what goes on inside my brain – because honestly, I friggen love my brain! I realised a while ago that the only thing limiting us, is our brains – but fortunately, those pesky things are trainable.

I’ve trained my brain, and now we work well together (most of the time). I’ve trained my brain to see past limitations and to accept life’s realities. Processing my thoughts in such a way that redefines limitations is how I’ve gotten through my life so far, and achieved the things that I’ve achieved. Sure, I can’t exactly climb stairs – which some might see as a limitation. But if there’s something at the top of those stairs that I really want – you bet your bottom dollar I’ll find a way to get the heck up there.

Like I mentioned above, I’m a huge supporter of Erika Cramer. Her book, “Confidence Feels like Shit” is the best thing that I’ve read in a long time and has helped me with my mindset in so many ways. I feel like we’re the same person, except she’s a fiery Puerto Rican, and I’m a fiery Aussie! Erica if your reading this - your rockin it girl!

Over time I’ve been noticing a desperate need for motivation and hope in our world. My work with youth has highlighted major concern with their low levels of confidence, self-acceptance and the acceptance of others and the need to empower them to move from a fixed to a growth mindset. My mission is to use stories from my life to motivate and inspire people to take the plunge/the leap/the jump into living their best life.

So, whether you follow along to laugh at my antics and tales of unfortunate events (even the not so glamorous ones), or to gain a little bit of inspiration to take with you into your own life… I’m glad that you’re here.

Welcome, stay awhile.

There is sooooo much more to come!

Tae xx



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